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Reviewing Nora Goes Off Script

Hello to all you lovely readers!

I love a good book recommendation, don't you? I have so many for you this year. Here's another I enjoyed.

My Review of Nora Goes Off Script

Nora Goes Off Script was recommended to me in a book group online. Fans of Emily Henry, Katherine Center, K. A. Tucker, Marisa de los Santos, and Abby Jiminez will love this! It was beautifully written from start to finish. The character development is excellent and incredibly relatable. I identified so much with Nora’s story, and I love that each character has depth and complexity but humor too.

I love these characters. Except Ben. I hate that guy. This author is going to be one I just pre-order from now on. It was that good. Read it. You won’t be disappointed.

**for those who are saying (on Goodreads) that Nora’s reactions aren’t realistic, I’ve been Nora, and the author captured the experience perfectly. Not just the divorce and the aftermath but the thoughts and feelings around parenting, finances, and new relationships. This story nailed it.

THere you have it, folks. I really loved this book. I'm so grateful that it came to me on a recommendation, so I'm passing it along to you. Spread the word.



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