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Jansen Brothers Series Review

Hey, readers!

Can we talk about this romance series? Let's! Okay, here's the short version from Goodreads.

My Review of Ten Rules for Faking It

10 Reasons I Loved 10 Rules for Faking It

1. Perfectly paced

2. Accurate representation of social anxiety in a character

3. Wonderful character development

5. Lovable side characters

6. A memorable piñata scene (iykyk)

7. Great warmth and humor

8. Beautiful friends to lovers development

9. I didn’t want it to end

10. I bought the next 2 books in the series because this one was so good.

My Review of How to Love Your Neighbor

I love this whole series. I read them out of order, and it didn’t even matter. Such beautiful storytelling!

My Review of A Guide to Being Just Friends

Confession: I didn’t read the first two books in the series. I got this as a NetGalley ARC. I love it so much that I’m buying the other two and reading them even though I have a fat stack of TBR books glaring at me for doing so. I loved it. I totally vibe with characters who’ve been badly hurt but still believe in love. Both characters appealed to me— Hailey for her work ethic and refusal to quit chasing her dreams and Wes for his hard outer shell meant to protest an unhealed heart. This is a beautiful friends-to-lovers story that made me laugh more than cry and was an absolute joy to read.

Okay-- I don't know why the second review was so short. I loved it. I love all of them. Seriously, this is a great series. You'll love it.

Or you won't. Let me know!



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