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{Book Reviews} The Midnight Library and How to Stop Time by Matt Haig

Hi, readers!

Real talk: You're going to get a two-for-one deal here because while I absolutely adored The Midnight Library, Matt Haig has another book that I loved even more. Here's the thing though: in my experience, you'll love one more than the other. That's totally okay. Read them both.

My Review of The Midnight Library

This book is an absolutely gorgeous read! It came to me highly recommended, and I will do the same for you. Read it. It left me feeling hopeful— as if every regret I’ve ever had means less than the next choice I might make. I’m not doing it justice at all — just sit down with this book and read it.

My Review of How to Stop Time

f you loved The Midnight Library, Matt Haig has done it again with How to Stop Time. It’s an extraordinary, luminous story— and one I prefer to The Midnight Library. It’s such a beautiful, unique idea, and I’m telling you it’s a must-read! This one stayed with me long after it was over.

Matt Haig's non-fiction books are also on my list to be reviewed later. Both The Midnight Library and How to Stop Time have the most fascinating plots and explore major life themes. I'm not even going to lie--both of them made me cry buckets, but they also made me feel hopeful. Not every book will leave you feeling full and light and alive from having read it. These will.

They both deserve their own full review, but I couldn't resist combining them. Treat yourself. Hohoho and all that. Early stocking stuffers, anybody? Get them!

You won't regret it. And tell me: which did you like better?



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