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Book Review: The Second You're Single

Look, I know that Valentine's Day is the holiday many singles love to hate --for good reason-- but let's talk about Valentine's reads. Whether you hate the season or love it, you just might like Sora's vow to stop dating and live her best single life for the season--and the hot crush that gets in the way.

My Review for The Second You're Single

Although I read this Valentine-themed book in October, I can easily recommend it for the season we either love or love to hate. I’ll be honest— I wasn’t sure if Sora was going to make the most of her solo challenge. Self-care is so much more than pampering (which she eventually realizes). I liked the evolution of her character. It wasn’t extreme, which made it more believable. This is a quick, light read and good for anyone who’s ever been tired of dating.

Yes, it's short & sweet. I enjoyed this one. What did you think? And where do you come down on the love or hate when it comes to Valentine's Day?

I'm personally a fan of love in any season. Even if it's the self-love variety.



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