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{Book Review} The Bright Side of Disaster by Katherine Center

Hello, lovely readers!

Yes, I'm reviewing another Katherine Center book. It's not my first, nor will it be my last. Let's jump in, shall we?

My Review of The Bright Side of Disaster

Confession: I just discovered Katherine Center's books this year. I'm totally in love. I've yet to read one I didn't love. While this one isn't my very favorite, it has all the elements that make every single book she writes so wonderful. It's relatable, warm, and beautifully written. The characters aren't flawless. This is no fairy tale! It's real and sometimes gritty. There's humor and compassion for people screwing it all up and trying again.

Anyway, I loved it. I wish I could say more to convince you to buy it or borrow it from your library or download it to your e-reader, but you'll have to discover it for yourself. As you were.

How are you finding these reviews? Do you enjoy the short and sweet aspect of these reviews, or are you looking for more? What do you think I should add if I should add anything? I welcome your thoughts.

Until next time,


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