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{Book Review} The Bodyguard

Hey, there! Look, if you didn't immediately start singing Whitney Houston's version of Dolly Parton's I Will Always Love You the second you read this title, I'm a little disappointed. Do better.

The Bodyguard is a reading recommendation I got from social media. It seemed right up my alley, so I bought it. No regrets here. In fact, the very opposite occurred. I had to go off and read everything Katherine Center has written. Now I'm stuck waiting for new releases. (Dear Ms. Center, please write faster!)

Ah well, the life of a bookworm! #bookwormproblems

Shall we take a look at my review? Let's!

My Review of The Bodyguard

I’m completely obsessed with this book. This is not a stereotypical love story. At all. It’s absolutely hilarious and adorable. If you love Emily Henry, Christina Lauren, and Abby Jiminez, this is the story for you! It was such an entertaining read!

I know y'all have noticed that I keep saying if you like certain authors, you'll love ... but it's because the styles are similar enough to compare them. So, if you like this one, you might want to mosey on over to these other authors and add them to your list.

I do love a good romcom. Since I'm over here living my best single life, I'm living vicariously through these stories. No shame in my romcom game. Happily, there are so many good books to read (and review) in the world.

See you tomorrow!



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