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{Book Review} Rock Paper Scissors

Happy Halloween, readers! I've got a THRILLING book review for you today from the Queen of Twists Alice Feeney.

My Review of Rock Paper Scissors

Wow. Seriously, wow. Alice Feeney is the queen of twists. I can never anticipate where she's going, and I'm always surprised. Well done!

Here are the basics: Troubled couple decides to vacation in the Airbnb equivalent of a rundown chapel. It's atmospheric, alright. It's not like they chose it anyway. They WON it. That could be the first clue that something is fishy because it's not exactly a 5-star hotel. Anyway, their 10-year marriage is on the rocks, and you'll see plenty of reasons why. This isn't the cozy relationship-mending trip they expected. Secrets are uncovered, and someone else is setting out to make sure that they don't get their happily ever after.

Cool twist (no spoilers here). He's got face blindness and can't even recognize his own wife. Well, I didn't see that one coming, did you?

This is a chilling thriller that will keep you wondering all the way up until the end.

Alright, this review was a TREAT. Now, go safely enjoy the festivities!

Happy Halloween!


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