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[BOOK REVIEW] One Night Only

Hello, readers!

I know that I'm behind on my book reviews, so let's dive in. I'm the kind of reader who will discover an author I enjoy and then read every single thing they've written. Then, I wait impatiently for them to write some more. (Looking at you, Catherine Walsh)

My Review of One Night Only

I absolutely adored this story. It starts with what was supposed to be a one-night stand, but after kicking him out of her bed and hoping never to see him again, she heads to a wedding in Ireland only to discover he’s the groom’s brother. Oops?

I was expecting more of a second chance love story, but this had forced proximity combined with enemies-to-lovers vibes. Fans of Christina Lauren, Sarah Hogle, Emily Henry, and Abby Jiminez will love this. I love how the humor is interspersed with such sincere emotion. Seriously- read this one!

You know I keep these short and sweet and spoiler-free.

This isn't the last book of hers you'll see me review here. Add Catherine Walsh to your must-read list!



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