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{Book Review} Not That Kind of Ever After

Hi, readers!

Can we dive into another romance review, please and thank you? Let's!

My Review of Not That Kind of Ever After

This was my first NetGalley ARC, and I have to say I enjoyed this story immensely. While I didn’t initially relate to Bella’s personality, her dating story is relevant to anyone tired of modern dating. I loved the character development and the love story. It was a fun read with characters who felt real and fully formed- even the more outlandish ones were the perfect foil to her journey. Great read and perfect for fall reading!

So, that's not very specific, is it? MC Bella isn't working in the glamorous publishing job she wanted. She's just answering the phones and avoiding her boss. Relatable, right? Anyway, she posts an anonymous hilarious account of a one-night stand gone wrong and is suddenly getting tons of readers who can relate. Suddenly, her dating adventures become fodder for her blog--the more outlandish the better. But her secret life won't stay secret for much longer, and Bella starts to wonder if what she's doing is really as harmless as she first thought.

Honestly, this is an adventure of a read, especially for singles and people who can remember what it was like (hell ... it's hell lol). If you're a seasonal reader, better squeeze this one in before your holiday reads. It's perfect for Fall.

Alright, that's it for me.



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