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{Book Review} Lease on Love

Hello, bookworms!

Let's talk about Falon Ballard's Lease on Love today. It's a romcom, and I read it in a single day. Y'all know that's not unusual for me by now, but I devoured this and loved every page.

My Review of Lease on Love

I honestly could not have loved this more. It’s such a gorgeous story with a great slow-burn friends-to-lovers romance. I adored everything about it. It was just perfection!

Fans of Emily Henry, Abby Jiminez, Talia Hibbert, and Christina Lauren will love it.

You've got forced-proximity vibes here, but this story also develops the friendship first. I love how they discover each other. Neither is what the other assumed at first. Sadie is a hot mess. Jack is a hot nerd. Honestly, Jack might be my new book bf. He's lovely. Smart, sweet, considerate, and shy ... mmmm .... he's a nice complement to Sadie's extra-ness.

Yes, I made that word up. Just go with it.

Okay, that's a wrap. You'll love it.

Happy Reading!


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