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Book Review: In Polite Company


If you don't want spoilers, the short & sweet of it is that I loved it, and the writing is gorgeous. That's all you need to know. It's a beautiful fiction story, and I think you'l love it.

If, however, you're up for a spoiler or two, keep reading.

My Review of In Polite Company

** Spoiler Alert ** The writing is so gorgeous that I wanted to give it 5 stars for that alone. But … you knew there was a but coming, didn’t you?

I love that Simons is passionate about social justice and the environment, but it felt like there were plenty of opportunities for her to speak truth to power — and she just didn’t. She acknowledges her white privilege but sends her story to another reporter instead of putting her own comfortable life on the line.

I expected the character development to be stronger. I adored Laudie, but I felt like Simons floundered most of the book and never fully stepped into her power. The ending didn’t feel like an end. It could have used a chapter or two more to fully show her character development.

Still, I would recommend this book. The descriptions of life in the south and the glass ceilings of a wealthy community were so vibrant I could see it. I would have liked more of Laudie and even the other women of the family and less of Martha, Harry, and Tito.

I got this as a Blind Date With a Book at Buxton Books in Charleston, which was absolutely perfect. In fact, if you're traveling to Charleston for any reason, this makes a great read! If you can't quite get there, this book will give you the feeling. It's beautifully written, and you won't regret reading it.

Unless you do. Hey, we can't all love the same books! Let me know what you thought of it.



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