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Book Review: Holiday Romance

Hello, lovely readers!

Oh my goodness. I know so many of you are still eating your Thanksgiving leftovers and sorting your Black Friday/Cyber Monday purchases, but can we talk holiday reads? I read this one back in October. It was an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. Let me tell you-- I fell in love!!!

My Review of Holiday Romance

Holiday Romance is the answer to all your romcom holiday needs. It’s similar to the book (and film) One Day— except with more warmth and humor and a much more satisfying ending. I absolutely loved the slow burn of this friends-to-lovers romance. It is perfectly paced and seasoned with humor, affection, and adventure. I read it in October, but I’ll happily read it again when the winter holidays roll around. You need this book in your life! Now I have to go read the everything this author has written. BRB ...

This relationship is EVERYTHING. Big relationship goals here, folks. It's absolutely adorable. If you need a happy holiday read, look no further!



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