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[BOOK REVIEW] Happiness for Beginners


If you're not already in love with every single thing Katherine Center writes, we're going to need to check you for a pulse. Okay, so we may not all love the same things, but she is an absolute comfort read for me. Let's dive right into it.

My Review of Happiness for Beginners

What an absolutely gorgeous, moving story! I read it in a day. I’ve loved everything she’s written, and I’m only disappointed when the story ends.

Okay, this was a little abbreviated for how much I loved it. I loved the character development, the setting, the interaction between the other hikers, the love story, and the personal growth of the main character. It was beautifully written--heartfelt and funny, smart and sweet. Like most of Center's books, I end up going back and reading all my favorite parts as soon as I'm done because I wanted it to last longer. She's just a genius at what she does, and now y'all can go check her out for yourself.



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