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Book Review: Behind the Scenes

Hey, readers!

Are you ready for a sapphic romance? Of course you are! This came to me as a NetGalley ARC, and I'm so glad. This is my first Karelia Stetz-Waters, and it was a 5-star read.

My Review of Behind the Scenes

You’re going to want to add this steamy sapphic romance to your TBR list right now. It has the perfect blend of vulnerability, humor, character development, and blossoming romance. Plus, a sexy scene with ferns and sensual ASMR. This exquisitely paced romance is perfect for fans of Casey McQuiston, Alexandria Bellefleur, Talia Hibbert, Emily Henry, and Abby Jiminez.

Ok-- did you read it? Did you love it?

Let me know!



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