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Book Review: Again, Rachel

Hi, Readers! This was not an ARC. It is a follow-up to an earlier Marian Keyes book about Rachel Walsh. This book contains some very sensitive subjects, but it's written with Keyes' trademark warmth and humor.

My Review of Again, Rachel

I feel like I cried through half of this book. It’s emotionally wrenching but exactly the conclusion we needed for this story. I was happy to spend more time with the Walsh family and to see Rachel’s character continue to develop. This is a wonderful story—but grab some tissues.

As always, short and sweet.

This was a very emotional read. I didn't remember the first book as well as I thought so there were things I had to refer back to. I'd recommend reading them in order, to be honest. I wouldn't recommend reading the first without following up with this one. It's perfect.

The thing with the Walsh family is that they are very imperfect--like the rest of us humans. I think that's why this family's story is so relatable. Read it for yourself and let me know what you think.



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