The Heart of Madison series includes Left on Main, Right on Walton, Deep in the Heart of Madison, and Waiting for the Girl Next Door.


My Words are Whiskey is Crystal Jackson's first book of poetry.

Left on Main
What if the past she leaves leads to the love she needs?

ISBN 978-1988281759

Libby has never been able to let go easily. After a childhood spent moving around, Libby settled into a marriage that  she never expected to fall apart. Now that it has, she's starting over, but letting go of the past isn't as easy as packing up her life and picking a spot on the map. Left on Main is the story of a charming Southern town and the woman who decides to make it her home. 


Left on Main is the first in the Heart of Madison series.


Right on Walton

ISBN- 978-1988281810

Lindy Carver can really get behind the idea that the future is female. After all, she's taking family planning into her own hands as she approaches 40 with no relationship in sight. A passionate artist and fierce feminist, Lindy knows that she's capable of creating exactly the life she wants, even if she has to do it alone. Dean Walton has elevated casual dating to an art form, having escaped a dysfunctional childhood with no intention of repeating those patterns in his future. He's known Lindy forever, but lately, tension has grown between them that has nothing to do with annoyance. As their relationship heats up, their careful plans go sideways, and Dean's reputation may just come back to haunt them.


Right on Walton is the second book in the Heart of Madison series. 

Deep in the Heart of Madison


Book 3 of the Map of Madison series, coming Fall 2020

Beth Everett loves romance—as long as she can experience it vicariously through romcoms, Hallmark movies, and books. She has a perfect life—a job she loves in the town where she grew up, the world’s cutest dog, and great friends she can count on. If her life was a movie, she would absolutely fall in love with her best friend Jamie. But it’s not. So, she really wishes they could get past that one kiss. Not that they’ve talked about it since it happened. Still, it’s caused ripples on the surface of Beth’s perfect life, and she just wants everything to go back to the way it was before. Everything’s changing, and Beth has to figure out if the perfect life she planned has room enough for love.


Deep in the Heart of Madison is the third book in the Heart of Madison series.

My Words Are Whiskey


Crystal Jackson's first book of poetry--coming Summer 2020!


Waiting for the Girl Next Door


The final book in the Map of Madison series, coming Spring 2021


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